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Importer froze, need advice

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  • Importer froze, need advice

    I was testing the import on my server yesterday. Everything was going fine until I started the import posts module. I have around 364.000 posts. Impex was working OK until it reached 168.000 posts. Then the screen which gives the progres wouldn't refresh anymore. Moreover almost everything on my server stopped working. I couldn't connect to my database anymore, the server would timeout when I entered the forum URL. After 12 hours the situation is the same. What is strange is that a part of my website which has nothing to do with the databases is still working fine. Any idea what went wrong?

    I read through some of the posts here and maybe the memory limit was the problem? I don't know why the server is still not working.

    Are there any "tweaks" I should use when importing my forum?

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    Very difficult to even try to guess what is causing this. You could try to check webserver and MySQL logfiles.

    I suggest you refresh the page or start the module again and see how it goes (if it hangs again, please note the number of posts processed). Maybe a restart of the server before starting the import.
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      There was indeed a problem with my server. Everything went OK the second time around.