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Layout is pushed to the right for posts

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  • Layout is pushed to the right for posts

    I have just imported from vb to vb on my server using impex. I have downloaded the old style.xml file from the installation and installed in the new one. I have copied over all the images to the new installation too but the view on the posts within threads is pushed over to the right.

    Also my smilies aren't rendering properly.

    How can i resolve this matter?
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    This is due to customized templates. I don't know what you've customized.

    This usually happens when you've put everything inside a table again before or after $spacer_open. Causing extra margin or indents, etc.

    I am sure this wouldn't happen with a default style that has no customized templates.

    Why the smilies aren't working properly is perhaps because they're not in the right directory? I do not know, we need more details on what's "not proper"