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    I have ran through the process several times now trying to import from an invision board to vbulletin and impex reports 14514 imported posts & 35768 imported threads.

    The problem is even after doing all the after install stuff the main forum reports Threads: 6,878, Posts: 27,413.

    Everything else is working fine - all members came across fine and the posts that did survive the transition look good also - but I cannot figure out why there are missing threads and posts. Any ideas??


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    Did you follow the 'After the Import' instructions here:

    If so, check the forum with the Forum Manager and make sure they are all set to count posts.
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      There are more threads than posts ?
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        Sorry I posted that the wrong way round:

        vBulletin reports: Threads: 6,878, Posts: 27,413

        Impex reports: Import Thread 14,514 ... Import Post 35,768

        Yep I did all the 'After the Import' instructions - I have done this with another forum before without problems.


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          Can you run this SQL :

          SELECT count(*) FROM thread WHERE forumid=0;
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            I got the following:

            count(*) 7636

            PS - I checked the original Invision installation and it reports 35741 posts.
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              Ok - maybe I'm not reading this all correctly. Here is all the data I have collected so far.

              Invision Power Board Stats:
              Topics: 14,473
              Replies: 21,268
              Therefore total = 35,741

              vBulletin Stats:
              Threads: 6,878
              Posts: 27,414
              Therefore total = 34,291

              Impex Reports:
              Import Thread: 14,514
              Import Post: 35,768

              So am I just reading the stats wrong - does it look like everything came across? I did notice that not all forums were in their nested locations as with the original sub-forums on Invision - so maybe this has something to do with it.

              Sorry I am really new to using Impex!!

              Thanks for all your help!
              Last edited by carnid; Tue 29 Aug '06, 9:52am.


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                The issue there is that there are loads of threads that aren't connected to a forum for some reason .... i.e. 7636 of them.

                The first post of a vBulletin thread is in the post table, its not stored with the thread, so the post count, is the total posts on the board.

                The fact that the SQL returned 7636 is the worrying bit (for me) can you start a support ticket and ask for me, ImpEx shouldn't of imported a thread with a forumid of 0, that should of failed.
                I wrote ImpEx.

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                  Thanks Jerry,

                  I have sent a support ticket.


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