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  • Jerry
    Originally posted by djcaseanova
    I typed that code EXACTLY as shown above. Was I supposed to insert something of my own into that code like usergroup name or anything??
    No, that just means that all the users have a primary usergroup.

    I suggest starting a support ticket to have a member of the support team take a look at the usergroups to find the discrepancies in the numbers.

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  • djcaseanova
    ok duh, i put in the proper usergroup id#'s and it shows the same number as it does on the "usergroup manager"

    The problem is this...

    Usergroup shows 596 users for "registered user"

    but when I go to users>prune/move
    This is what it reads: Showing Users 1 to 570 of 570

    Yet, double checking the usergroup, still shows 596 users...

    So... I checked out my subscribers usergroup that has 13 members
    Well, I went to users>prune/move and says Showing Users 1 to 4 of 4

    To REALLY mess with your heads... if I go to SEARCH for user, and browse through the categories... the user counts are CORRECT?!?!

    Something's seriously screwy.

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  • djcaseanova
    This board is live...

    It was imported and all usergroups that were imported have since been deleted and everyone was relocated to the 'registered' group. Then I created the new usergroups in vB.

    This is where the problem was noticed as I was trying to move them into their proper groups again.

    I typed that code EXACTLY as shown above. Was I supposed to insert something of my own into that code like usergroup name or anything??



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  • Jerry
    Is the board live or is this testing ?

    Are you using the custom groups that were imported or have you deleted them and they are in the default registered group now ?

    What does this SQL return :

    SELECT count(*) FROM user WHERE usergroupid ='';

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  • Steve Machol
    I'm moving this to the Import forum so Jerry will see it. My only suggestion is that you redo this import. Hopefully Jerry will have a better idea.

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  • djcaseanova
    I just finished deleting the custom usergroups that were imported from wowbb

    Those users who were in those usergroups are still not showing up in the members list within the adminCP, but do show up on the memberlist in the forum.

    I have also recreated a different usergroup (since i had paying subscribers on wowbb with seperate privledges) and made an equiv. group on vB and moved them into that group. Only some show up.... and also for some reason, they can not access other parts of the board either.

    ironically enough, all the paid subscribers on my wowbb board were able to access my flashchat program. Now... they can not access that, but regular users can. I was trying to make it so everyone could access it. So there is definitely something wrong with the database or something...

    Any more ideas? and btw, i've updated counters and all that...

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  • Floris
    All users and usergroups that are imported are imported into custom usergroups. You could delete these usergroups. When you delete a usergroup they are all moved to the registered usergroup (the default one from vB). You could first move the old admins/ mods/ to the default vB admin/mods usergroups.

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  • djcaseanova
    started a topic User Listing Problems

    User Listing Problems

    Okay... discovered potential problem?

    I did an import of wowBB 1.65 to vB 3.5.4

    I just noticed something crazy... I was looking for one of MY old usernames and I found it when I was logged into the forum browsing the forums member list.

    Well, I went into admincp and did a search for that same name in the prune/move command so I could move it to a different group, well under 'registered users' it was NOT in the list. I did a search for user and it brought it up just fine, and indicated that the user was in fact supposed to be in the "registered user" listing.

    So, out of curiousity, I went to usergroup manager and viewed all users in the registered area (589 users), and I found the name here. I then proceeded back to prune/move users and noticed that when I go to registered users, it says I have 569 users...

    Ironically, I've had several users complain that they are not in the proper groups, so I am adjusting by hand, but I feel that has something to do with it.

    I've updated all my counters and nothing has changed with it yet. Any ideas?
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