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Strange garbled UTF encoding.

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  • Strange garbled UTF encoding.

    I've recent Imported my phpBB over to vBulletin, but for some reason certian UTF characters have gotten totally garbled.

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    Is there something I can do (other than update 5000+ posts manually) to correct it?

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    Since this is the second report I've seen of this problem, please report it in the 3.5 Bug Tracker:
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      I'm not sure that it's a "bug" with vBulletin or Impex.

      To me it really it seemed to a problem with MySQL Collation in phpMyAdmin. In fact, I have the same garbled character problem on the phpBB board I set up just to convert over to vBulletin.

      More I was trying to find out if someone had the same problem and knew a fix for it other than manually editing 5000+ posts. The bad thing is, I went live with the vBulletin before catching it and more posts have been made.
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