Ikonboard 3.1.2a to VB 3.5.1 Experience

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  • Martin F
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    • Nov 2005
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    Ikonboard 3.1.2a to VB 3.5.1 Experience

    Not sure if this is the best place for this post or in the sticky but go easy on a newbie.

    Hopefully the additional info will come in useful for some. BTW...i'm not an IT guy but i can find my way round a PC, its operating system and websites.

    Ran a dummy import over the weekend of our Ikonboard data which is 609 members, 29047 posts and approx 50mbs worth of attachments (using MySQL for Ikonboard).

    First problem was that forum is moving from one domain and server to another domain and server. The host could have moved source forum for me to the same server as the destination forum, but due to the potential downtime and opportunity for them to cock it up i tried another way.

    SSH tunneling is a bit beyond my capabilities and not sure if server would support anyway.

    Firstly tried doing an export in phpMyAdmin of the whole database and then importing into destination database using phpMyAdmin. Had to edit the raw sql file as it's first few lines looked for a database that didn't exist and it also tried to create a database which i didn't have permission to do.

    My destination database was already populated with the VB tables but my theory was that because the Ikonboard tables were prefixed with ib_ that all the tables could sit next to each other and be identified appropriately once imported. Then i could run Impex and tell it to look for the ib_ tables as source ones.

    Anyway on the first import the process threw up an SQL error when trying to import the posts table.

    So then i cleaned up the destination database (deleted all the ib_ tables).

    Exported and imported only the Ikonboard table structures. Worked fine !

    Exported and imported some Ikonboard tables at a time, keeping an eye on file sizes. Had to edit the file headers each time so that the database name was changed from the source one to the destination one. Success apart from the posts table which was too big and caused a time out (yes using latest version of phpMyAdmin).

    So i manually split the posts table in half by editing the sql file in wordpad. Both files had the same header just different records underneath. Imported fine

    So all data was now imported and the tables were sitting along side each other fine. Yes it took quite a long time and i'm sure one of you IT guru's will tell me there's an easier way, but hey it worked

    So now i run Impex (after configuring) and all imports easily, very easily except the attachments.

    Whatever i did Impex could not see the attachments on the other server so i had to copy them across from the old server to the new one (ftp down to local machine then back up to new server) and then they imported fine.

    Now i haven't been through things in detail but it looks like all the posts, counters, attachments, PM data, etc is there and related correctly. So thanks Jerry and team for your Impex system it's made moving to VBulletin easy

    Purpose of post ... to help those who are not IT or database gurus know that it can be done if you think about it logically.

  • Martin F
    New Member
    • Nov 2005
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    • 3.5.x

    OK, i do have one problem in that some of the imported avatars seem to be massive (not auto resizing possibly? ) e.g. in this thread http://www.mkivsupraownersclub.com/f...8911#post28911

    I've checked my avatar options in the admin panel and they all seem to be correctly set for avatars at 100 x 100pxs

    Can anybody tell me why some of the imported ones are showing without resizing ?


    • Jerry
      Senior Member
      • Dec 2002
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      • 1.1.x

      The setting will stop people upload avatars over the set size, though when importing ImpEx doesn't resize images.

      I would suggest removing the avatar and asking the user to upload one that meets the size settings.
      I wrote ImpEx.

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      • Martin F
        New Member
        • Nov 2005
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        • 3.5.x

        OK, thanks


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