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PHPNuke Platnium 7.6to PHPbb 2.0.13 to VBulletin 3.07

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  • PHPNuke Platnium 7.6to PHPbb 2.0.13 to VBulletin 3.07

    Hi I just finished importing my PHPNuke PHPbb and i have a an issue and a couple questions.

    First: I converted my PHPnuke Platnium 7.6 (PHPbb 2.013 ported ) boards to regular PHPbb 2.0.13

    I did this manually to make sure everything checked out and to make sure the conversion to VBulletin went smooth. I exported the tables one by one and cimported them to my test PHPbb board. I removed all extra columns and made sure everything matched before importing.

    I verified to conversion by thoroughly testing the phpbb test board. Everything is there checks out just fine.

    Second: I used impex to import from the PHPbb test boards DB. I went down the list skipping associate users until all others were complete. I received no errors. Everything looked fine.

    Once Updated post counts and all the rest I could see all boards and posts.

    The problems I'm having should be pretty simple.

    1. Forum index: a few cells are shifted. It is the same cell in 7 forums. This is causing # of replies and # of to shift one cell to the left and Last post is in with the forums description. Not all forums are shifting this cell, just 7 out of 54 forums. They are not all in the same category either, nor are the in any set pattern.

    2. Forum Category pages. Same shifted cell from the same forums as mentioned above.

    3. Not sure if this is an error or just a permissions issue ( I haven't touched any permissions yet ) but when I try to view the Member list the only one that shows is Admin.

    That's all the issues I have found so far. So I think things went pretty well.

    Any help would be great. My forums address is to get the visual of what I am saying

    Thanks Jaks

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    Cell shifting problem solved.

    The reason was pretty simple and had little to do with VBulletin. In PHPbb I used some html in forum descriptions. Either there is charater limits in VB for forum descriptions or the descriptions were cut short during import. Either wat when I started fixing up the descriptions the problem went away. All because of unclosed tags. Hehe

    The Member List question is still valid though. If someone could let me know if this is an issue or it is just the permission that would be great. I have searched for permissions to the Member List but couldn't find anything.

    Thanks Jaks


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      Ok the problem with the Member list is the existing users are not assigned to any groups at all. Is there something that can mass assign members? Doing it individually really sucks and i have alot of members.

      Please help.



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        Try this SQL with a table prefix if you need it :

        UPDATE user SET usergroupid=2 WHERE usergroupid=0;
        I wrote ImpEx.

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          Thanks Jerry,

          I found the Mass move and fixed it up. It worked like a charm.



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