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ImpEx phpbb import fails

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  • ImpEx phpbb import fails

    I am currently on my fifth import attempt. I am trying to import from phpbb2.0.14 to vBulletin 3.0.7.

    The first attempt failed to import all the users (18,713)

    The second attempt imported all the users, (146 minutes) but I was documenting everything and forgot to copy the 005 Import Ban List line, and I hit back instead of continue. This put ImpEx into an infinite loop of redirecting and effectively killed this attempt.

    The third attempt I changed to 250 users instead of 500. They imported in a lot less time (96 minutes). Everything continued to go good until I got to import posts. Since I had the problems before, I lowered the number from 2000 to 1000, then got a blank screen.

    I tried cleaning the database and restarting the attempt. I did 150 users at a time, and this time it only took 42 minutes! When I tried to run users the 2nd time, I forgot to set the users to 150, and at 500 users per cycle it took 163 minutes. When I tried to run the module the 2nd time, it blew up with this error: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted at (null):0 (tried to allocate 6 bytes) in /home/elleth/public_html/vbtest4/forums/impex/ImpExDatabase.php on line 3464 I think this may be because I associated users during the import, but I'm not sure.

    So now I am on attempt #5. The users are importing at 100 users per cycle, and I am afraid to hit the posts button when I get to it.

    Here are the pertinent lines from the config files:

    $servername = 'localhost';
    $dbusername = 'username';
    $dbpassword = '**********';
    $dbname = 'vbulletin';
    $technicalemail = 'emailaddy';
    $usepconnect = 0;
    $admincpdir = 'admincp';
    $modcpdir = 'modcp';
    $canviewadminlog = '1,2,3';
    $canpruneadminlog = '1,2,3';
    $canrunqueries = '1,2,3';
    $undeletableusers = '';
    $superadministrators = '1,2,3';
    $tableprefix = 'vbtest5_';
    $cookieprefix = 'adbb';

    [ Target Database ]
    targetdatabasetype = mysql
    targetserver		= localhost
    targetuser		 = "username"
    targetpassword	 = "********"
    targetdatabase	 = vbulletin
    targettableprefix = vbtest5_
    [ Source Database ]
    sourceexists		= true
    sourcedatabasetype = mysql
    sourceserver		= localhost
    sourceuser		 = "username"
    sourcepassword	 = "********"
    sourcedatabase	 = atkins
    sourcetableprefix = phpbb_

    These are the options I am choosing for the fifth try at an import. I am trying to get everything documented to script it for the real import. You can see that I plan on doing only 10 posts per cycle.

    1) 001 Check and update database: Start Module (Ignore extra table errors that display on screen. When complete, you should see 19 imported and 0 failed)

    2) 002 Associate Users:

    a. Start Module

    b. Users per page: 25

    c. DO NOT ASSOCIATE ANY USERS! You will merge them together later.

    d. Quit

    3) 003 Import Usergroup:

    a. Start Module

    b. Usergroups to import per cycle (must be greater than 1): 20

    4) 004 Import Users

    a. Start Module

    b. Users to import per cycle (must be greater than 1): 100

    c. What is the full path to your avatars directory ? (make sure the web server has access to read them): /var/www/html/atkinsBB/images/avatar

    d. Would you like to import the avatars, this can take some time if they are remotely linked: Yes

    e. Would you like to associated imported users with existing users if the email address matches ?: No

    5) 005 Import Ban List

    a. Start Module

    b. Would you like to import the banlist?: Yes

    6) 006 Import Forums and Categories

    a. Start Module

    b. Forums to import per cycle (must be greater than 1): 5

    7) 007 Import Threads

    a. Start Module

    b. Number of threads to import per cycle: 150

    8) 008 Import Smilies

    a. Start Module

    b. Would you like the phpBB smilies to over write the vB ones if there is a duplication ?: No

    9) 008 Import Posts

    a. Start Module

    b. Number of posts to import per cycle: 10

    Thanks for any help you can give on this. I have been trying for a couple of days and have not been able to complete an import.
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    ~ Jacqueline

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    phpBB allows remote linking of avatars, so the reason its taking so long is that its going to have to wait, so in the import user module, set that to no.

    Do not run the associate user module during testing, merge on email if you have to or do it in the admincp after the import.

    The error in ImpExDatabase comes from impex running out of memory because PHP is set to 8Meg, to do an import of that size for the users I'm guessing its going to be ok, though once you get to threads and posts I would advise raising the memory limit.

    So first thing, can you raise the PHP memory limit ?

    Secondly, don't import remote avatars.
    I wrote ImpEx.

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      Thank you very much! It was the memory limit in php that was causing the problem. After the php.ini file was changed to 64M, the import went fine. This is the line added.

      I'm working on doing all the rebuilds after import now. The search index and similar threads are taking a very long time to build.
      ~ Jacqueline

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