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  • WowBB Issue

    My old board was the latest version of WowBB. One of the issues I had with it, is that the backup module wouldn't work, and so I backed the database up using the manager in my webhosts control panel (I'm hoping thats enough to restore it). I now have a new webhost, with a clean vBulletin installed. Is there anyway using impex or similar to get the posts back from the database backup I made? Impex appears to want to convert from an already setup database.

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    Yes. In the Impex config file is a section that asks if the source exists or not. You should be able to point the script to the SQL file, I believe. If it's available, I found it quite simple to create a new db or WowBB, and dump the data into it...and use that.


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      Hmmm, more problems. I now get this error from VB: Connection to source server failed. Check username and password. Which I've done, and I've set up a new user just to make sure.

      This is my config file:
      sourceexists = TRUE

      ; mysql OR mssql
      sourcedatabasetype = mysql
      sourceserver =
      sourceuser = "rendezn_wowbb"
      sourcepassword = "******"
      sourcedatabase = "rendezn_wowbb"
      sourcetableprefix =

      Is there anything immediately wrong with this?!
      As I have the old database as a file, can I import this without importing it into a new database? My new hosting company only allows on db at a time (which VB is now using).


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        ; If the source data is NOT stored in a database, set 'sourceexists' to FALSE

        Your data is in a text file, no?
        You need to place it in an accessible folder on the same server as VB, and point the script to it.


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          Nope, if you want to import from mysql you will need to restore it first.


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            Im having the same problem... but im not understanding some of the asnswers given here
            Ok, So, i have a single sql file of about 10meg, as a backup from my old forum.
            now when i put "sourceexists = TRUE" then i get told "connection failed check user/pass"
            If its false, i dont get the error till i try to associate users...

            then i get..

            Warning: mysql_query(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in \impex\db_mysql.php on line 248

            do i have to change the "Source exists" to True after i "check/update database"?

            OR do i put the backup INTO a new blank wowbb, and import directly?
            the more i think about all this the more confusing it gets
            Thanks in advance Matow!


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              You will need to backup and restore the wowbb database to the same server you are running vB. The only reliable method of backing up and restoring a database is with shell access via telnet orssh. Please see the instructions here:


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