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"No Database Selected" error (1046) in converting phpbb 2.0.6 to vb 3.0.7

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  • "No Database Selected" error (1046) in converting phpbb 2.0.6 to vb 3.0.7

    Hi Everyone,

    I am receiving a "mysql error: No Database Selected" error with the importer when I run the first import module.

    Thank you for any help or ideas......

    I am importing from phpbb 2.0.6 to VB 3.0.7

    When I run the first module, I receive this error:

    moderator - importmoderatorid OK
    usergroup - importusergroupid OK
    ranks - importrankid OK
    poll - importpollid OK
    forum - importforumid OK
    forum - importcategoryid OK
    user - importuserid OK
    style - importstyleid OK
    thread - importthreadid OK
    post - importthreadid OK
    thread - importforumid OK
    smilie - importsmilieid OK
    pmtext - importpmid OK
    avatar - importavatarid OK
    customavatar - importcustomavatarid OK
    customprofilepic - importcustomprofilepicid OK
    post - importpostid OK
    attachment - importattachmentid OK
    pm - importpmid OK

    There seems to have been a slight problem with the Форум для русских женщин "The Russian Meeting Place" database.
    Please try again by pressing the refresh button in your browser.

    An E-Mail has been dispatched to our Technical Staff, who you can also contact if the problem persists.

    We apologise for any inconvenience.


    Database error in vBulletin:ImpEx Source 3.0.7:

    Invalid SQL: SHOW TABLES
    mysql error: No Database Selected

    mysql error number: 1046

    Date: Tuesday 12th of April 2005 11:37:08 AM
    Username: xxxxxxxxxxx
    IP Address:


    Here are my config settings for the import module:

    [ Target Database ]
    ; The following settings allow ImpEx to connect to the vBulletin 3
    ; database into which you will be importing data.

    targetdatabasetype = mysql
    targetserver = localhost
    targetuser = "xxxx_xxxx"
    targetpassword = "*****"
    targetdatabase = russianm_rusforum
    targettableprefix =

    [ Source Database ]
    ; If the system that is being imported from uses a database,
    ; enter the details for it here and set 'sourceexists' to TRUE.
    ; If the source data is NOT stored in a database, set 'sourceexists' to FALSE

    sourceexists = true

    ; mysql OR mssql
    sourcedatabasetype = mysql
    sourceserver = localhost
    sourceuser = "xxx_xxxxx"
    sourcepassword = "***"
    sourcedatabase = russianm_xmb2
    sourcetableprefix = phpbb_


    Thanks for your thoughts about how to resolve this.

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    I just posted a support ticket to hopefully have this issue solved quickly.



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      I've asked for more info in your support ticket.
      Steve Machol, former vBulletin Customer Support Manager (and NOT retired!)
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        Thanks for your response, Steve...

        I just submitted the requested information to you on the support ticket...

        Also, I would like to post what the issue was on this thread after it is solved so that others with the same issue might find the answer here...



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          The solution...

          The phpbb mysql database that I was having imported was restored in a backup by my webhost tech support (because it was damaged and had to be reinstalled).

          The reason that I was receiving the import error was because the user and password for the phpbb database were incorrect.

          Thanks again Steve and Jerry for your help.



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