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Problem Importing a BIG PN pbpBB database

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    Originally posted by RealityDesign
    Either way, coming on here and offering help and then finally after 24 hours posting a picture and saying "your server sucks" is not exactly a solution. I just hope it doesn't time out at post #230,071 again.
    I have done nothing of the sort, I have attempted to reply to a lot of messages and answer your questions and explain your observations and assumptions, also it was 10 hours not 24 and that was due to my need to sleep as a side effect of being human.

    I did an import, which isn't a service or a typical offering to show that an import of that size doesn't take 3+ hours, I have explained different ways that you can achieve your import.

    I at no time said "your server sucks".

    SQL through command prompt, importing the entire database, including the 8000 users, 230,000 posts, etc. takes 8 minutes but the import script is going to take more like 2 to 2.5 hours.
    A CLI SQL load is a completely different operation, I have already tried to explain this to you.

    This script is clearly what is causing the inefficiency
    We are using exactly the same import scripts, I know because I wrote them and I released them.
    I wrote ImpEx.

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      Could you please just tell me what is involved in doing this:

      "Well if it comes to it we can stop impex doing the parent id update, do the post import then do the parent id update via the command line then carry on with the import. Its usualy a lot faster that way."

      This is all I need to know. I was waiting and waiting last night for that answer but instead you decided to take it upon yourself to import my database, convert it, post a picture, and then say "your server is crippled." I'm sorry if I thought you saying my server is crippled implied that it sucks...

      I still don't understand why your import is going 20 times faster than mine. You haven't really shed any light on this . I know for a fact it's not the computer so what kind of changes can I make to the configuration of mysql or php??


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        Is there any way I could just pay you to do the import with a new dump file tomorrow? If you can just import it and send me the .sql file I would need to make it work on my server that would probably be the best option. If it really only takes you 34 minutes, that would be the best way to go.

        I am sorry I got somewhat hostile, this process is just very aggrivating. I have 8,000 people giving me **** around the clock waiting for their new forums and I want the downtime for the move to be as short as possible.


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          Taken offline to reslove.
          I wrote ImpEx.

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