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Converting links to topics after import from UBB classic

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  • Converting links to topics after import from UBB classic

    I imported my forum to vB 3.0.6 from UBB classic 6.3.0. I need to fix the links in my new vB forum that point to the old UBB forum so that they point to the new vB forum.

    The problem is that the topic numbers are not the same:;f=1;t=001940

    I do not know if there is any pattern I can work with in how the new topic numbers were created.

    Is there an easy way I can fix these links?

    If this is not easy to do, then I want to rig up URL forwarding. (I plan to keep my UBB forum topic URLs always working anyway.) Is there a place in my vB database where the old UBB topic numbers are associated with the new vB topic numbers? And can you recommend a free database program that will work with my vB database backup file that I have downloaded to my PC?

    Thank you very much.
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    Internal link parsing.

    To cut a long story short there is no easy way of doing this.

    The topics, which are now threads, are stored with an importthreadid which is the original topic id.

    It can be done using cleaner.php and a regular expression, though it would take a bit of work and some testing.
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