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  • FuseTalk > VBulletin - Must ColdFusion/SQL be Running?

    Is it necessary to have ColdFusion running on the same box when I run the import tool for FuseTalk?

    My new host (GoDaddy) is purely Unix-based. I was hoping to place the FuseTalk SQL files (or data export files) somewhere on the new server for the VBulletin import program to locate.

    If the import must take place on the same box w/ ColdFusion and SQL running, are their domain-specific licensing issues that will prevent me from loading VBulletin on my old server (which has a different domain name)?


    David Smania

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    I can't answer this specific question but I can tell you that there are plenty of reported problems with GoDaddy as a host. They have a penchant for disable key PHP functions that causes problems with some vB functions.
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      Noted Steve...thanks for the info. I'll definitely explore alternative hosting options.

      Having said this...I'll still be on a different host w/ a different domain name and most likely a Unix box. If anyone knows the answer to the question, I would surely appreciate it.




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        All you need is the MSSQL database running and MSSQL support complied into PHP.
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          MS SQL errors during import

          Thanks Jerry. I'm attempting a test on my local machine with CF, MSSQL, PHP, and MySQL running. I loaded the .dll necessary to connect to MSSQL, but I'm now receiving the following error when I click import/export:

          Warning: mssql_connect(): message: Login failed for user 'admin_UserID'. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection. (severity 14) in \impex\db_mysql.php on line 54
          Warning: mssql_connect(): Unable to connect to server: admin_UserID in \impex\db_mysql.php on line 54
          Warning: mssql_select_db(): supplied argument is not a valid MS SQL-Link resource in \impex\db_mysql.php on line 169

          I'm not sure why I'm receiving this as the actual value being passed for the user is a valid account in MS SQL.

          Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


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            Disregard the above post. This was fixed by creating an SA account in SQL 2000. Apparently the script doesn't like windows system accounts.

            Now that the database is working, I'm running into all kinds of table errors during the import of users and threads from FuseTalk.

            The error message is very fast...but I was able to do a screen capture.

            On a user import, invalid column name on bemailavailable, bmsgallow, txsignature, dtbirthdate, etc.

            Can someone tell me which version of FuseTalk this import tool was created for?




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              Disregard again...I've fixed it by stripping out db column references from the 000.php file that didn't apply to my particular version. (The version of FuseTalk I'm running is about 3 years old)

              As an FYI for anyone else up against this...the following references were removed from the script to make this work.

              Users Table


              Forums Table


              Threads Table


              Posts Table



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