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  • vb3_cpsession NOT found

    I have a fresh install of vBulletin 3.0.6. I want to import the users from another vBulletin, directly from its database. The other vBulletin is 3.0.5.

    I downloaded ImpEx tonight. It is Revision: 1.55 Date: 2005/01/06.

    I clicked the first step to check the database. Everything was okay, except for this message: "vb3_cpsession NOT found or a non standard table"

    I looked in phpMyAdmin and I can see that table. But I have no way of telling if it was created correctly.


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    the cpsession table is not important for an import.


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      Nonetheless that is a standard table in vB 3.0.6 and is required to log into the Admin CP. Have you checked the database to see if it's there and if it's set to type HEAP?
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        Just so we are clear, the above error states that it found it (most likely) but at the time of the importers development it is a NON STANDARD TABLE. Which just means its there, impex is telling you its there, but it wont do anything with it.


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          The table is there. I had vBulletin back it up so I could show the SQL code that would create it. Here it is, except I am posting it here with an "x" in each data value in case this should not be posted.

          DROP TABLE IF EXISTS vb3_cpsession;
          CREATE TABLE vb3_cpsession (
          userid int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
          hash varchar(32) NOT NULL default '',
          dateline int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
          PRIMARY KEY (userid,hash)
          ) TYPE=HEAP;

          INSERT INTO vb3_cpsession VALUES('1', 'x', 'x');