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importing 1969 dates

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  • importing 1969 dates

    I imported from PHPbb 2.0.4 about 6 months ago or so, and I thought everthing was successful, except when i look at all the posts some of the ones from way back say they were made in 1969, and when you click on them, there is no post.

    Is this normal for some of the posts to do that? What can i do? reimport?? I imported so long ago.

    Anyone know what caused this? I have pages of non-active threads with the 1969 date.

    I imported from phpbb 2.0.4, and at the time, it said you need 2.0.6 to import, but I imported anyway and all went smooth except for that, so I dont think it's because I imported from 2.0.4.

    Isi t because some of those members hadn't made a post in a long time?

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    Is the board live ?

    I take it you have updated all the counters ?

    You can stage a test server and reimport, as long as you have all the importid's.
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      Yes it's live and counters were updated, what do you mean stage a test server, thanks. What imports id? Is there a way to import posts from a certain date back? Thanks.
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        Please look at my example.. it the last pages of one of the forums, where you see the 1969 posts.. they are invalid threads if you reply, but if you hover the title, you can see the body on some..

        I have updated ALL counters many times.. how can i fix??

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          The import id's are the id's that are imported from the source system, so phpBB in this case.

          If they are still in your database then you *might* be able to prune out the old data or update it.

          Though if any of it has been posted to or replied to then its going to be nearly impossible I'm afraid without a lot of direct database manipulation to clean up.

          I know hindsight is 20-20, but this is why I suggest testing lots before going live.
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            They have not been replied to since the import because they are showing as invalid threads, you can see in the example link i posted (in the post above yours). You cannot reply to them or read them.

            So can i fix this, and how? Thanks.


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              To be honest I don't know, I'd need to see the database to see if the importthreadid's and importpostsid's are there.

              Do you have phpMyAdmin etc ? if so :

              SELECT importthreadid FROM thread WHERE threadid=306;
              I mean replyed to, mean if ANY of the imported threads have been replied to, because the easy way is re-importing, though that can't be done on a board where any of the threads have been posted to.
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                Oh, yes some have been replied to I'm sure.

                Yes I have phpMyadmin, but don't know much about it.

                Where do I type that exactly? I don't want to mess anything up.


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                  Raise a support ticket and put your phpMyAdmin details in it and I'll have a look for you ?
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                    ok doing now.. thanks..