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SMF to VB import problem

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  • SMF to VB import problem

    Last edited by str; Thu 6 Jan '05, 12:29am.

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    Solved this problem by removing table prefixes but none of the user's password works on new forum.


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      What a waste. Why doesn't any password works after transfer? :cries:


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        Adding the sourcetableprefix to the config is the better way of doing it.

        Users can request new passwords easily.
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          Yeah, figured out the prefix thing...I couldn't be worse idiot.
          So the import utility does not import passwords?


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            requesting new passwords doesn't seem to be working with imported members.


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              It should. Which usergroup are they in?
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                I went back and forth on multiple import attempts between SMF to vB3 before implementing an actual migration. My experience (YMMV) has led me to the following conclusions:
                1. Test, test, test before you actually do. You will be better for it in the end. If you can take two weeks to work on the migration, all the better. Do at least four clean imports before attempting a "live" import.
                2. Make sure you are using the latest import files. I know that they have been updated recently as they fixed one problem that I reported during our own testing phase. (As an aside, do NOT be afraid to say that something doesn't work. These guys here are extremely friendly and have bent over backwards to make these import files work. They can only make them work better if we, as the users, find problems and report them. That makes future users have an easier time and you've contributed to helping out the community here.)
                3. PMs, no matter how much you want them to import, will only import the headers and not the body of the PM themselves. It's a waste to try. Have your users back them up some other way.
                4. Always make sure that you move your imported users into the registered usergroup prior to deleting the imported users group.
                5. Remember to move your Administrators and Moderators from the SMF default to the vB3 default. Unless you're just lucky, then won't match up even through the import filters will tell you that it's trying to do that for you. Only 1 of 8 times that we did test runs on the import did the Admins/Mods end up where they were supposed to. In the end, we did it manually.
                6. Do NOT run the counters for "Rebuild Search Index", "Rebuild Statistics", Rebuild Similar Threads", "Update Post Counts" or ANY of the "Delete [insert Orphan Threads, Orphan Posts, Duplicate Threads here]" until AFTER you have finished ALL of your migration and ensured that everything moved over properly. This is especially important if you have multiple SMF forums that are merging into a single vB3 forum like we did.
                Overall, it seems complicated and it is a lot of work, but it's not difficult at all and generally runs very smooth if you are prepared through testing (memorize #1 above). We still have residual backlash from the migration on occasion, but nothing that is so terrible that we can't fix it quickly. And most of that is because we did not anticipate certain things happening during the migration and failed to test it during our pre-migration work.


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