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Impex Admin Login Problems

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  • Impex Admin Login Problems

    As advised by Zachery, I'm starting a new thread:

    If my admin session has expired and I click on the "Import / Export" link in the Admin Links Frame it:
    1. Brings up the login dialog in the right frame
    2. Says thanks for logging in - Redirecting
    3. Then returns to the log in dialog in the right frame
    I am able to log in fine if I click on any of the other links in the Admin Links Frame.

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    It would be better if you start a new support ticket through the members area so you can include details to your admincp and ftp and phpmyadmin.
    This way we can login and look into this. Trying to reproduce it.

    I don't see why you'd time out in the admincp anyway, after the timeout just login to the admincp through the index.php file again.


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