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My IPB 1.3 -> vBulletin import problems

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  • My IPB 1.3 -> vBulletin import problems

    I posted quite a long story to all my problems, but I had to TAB and hit Backspace, losing everything.

    Now a very short version of the problems I encountered importing Invisionboard 1.3 Final:

    - All the posts were dated januari 1st 1970
    - All user ID's were mixed, linking usera to the profile of userb
    - Not even 1 PM could be imported (Invalid pm object, skipping.)
    - All attachments were lost (Skipping, no source file.)
    - During user import, it missed quite a few users, claiming they were already imported/associated

    I tried completely clean and fresh reïnstallations of both the forum and impex three times, but to no avail.

    As it is now, I can't switch to vBulletin 3.0.3, this importer is probably not finished yet, so I'm going to have to wait, unfortunatly.

    I just started another attempt (yes, I'm desperate), I'm unable to get passed step 2, and I know for a fact that everything I entered in the config file is correct:

    Step 2) Connect to the database

    Attempting to attach to database

    Warning: mysql_errno(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /home/virtual/site3/fst/var/www/html/forum/includes/db_mysql.php on line 140

    The database has failed to connect because you do not have permission to connect to the server. Please confirm the values entered in the 'includes/config.php' file.

    I'm using MySQL 4.1.7 (and yes, this version is annoying), php 4.3.8.
    All character sets and collations are set to latin1 and latin1_swedish_ci.

    *another edit*
    After I performed the next query on the new db, step 2 completed succesfully:
    SET PASSWORD FOR [email protected] = OLD_PASSWORD('thepassword');
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    1. As to be expected, you need to rebuild the thread counter, under update counters in the admincp as stated in the ImpEx instructions and the FAQ in the sticky
    2. Hmm, it is possible that users have had their id's changed during the import.
    3. Could be a problem with your databases table name or format
    4. Odd

    The importer is more than finished, did you read though the impex docs and readme files?

    That is a MySQL 4.1.7 and php issue, not vB


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      I would suggest reading the howto also.
      I wrote ImpEx.

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        most of these problems are easy to solve.. except i'm having the same exact thing below:

        (Invalid pm object, skipping.)


        Any ideas/help is appreciated


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          Hmmm ok, 2 people same problem.

          Doing some test imports at the moment to check the importer.
          I wrote ImpEx.

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            thanks jerry. if it helps spark an idea or two...
            the source ipb forum database has a lot of pms, i would say a few thousand based on the importer process.. it says From : 4000 :: To : 4775 (I did a 1000 increment just then to check)
            So it's just under 5k pms, and I did no funky user association.. this is in fact on a "fresh" vB 3.0.3

            *going in circles*


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              Found it, was missing an importpmid.

              Have updated and released 1.46.
              I wrote ImpEx.

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