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Kinda scared.. phpbb to vB help

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  • Kinda scared.. phpbb to vB help

    Hey guys..

    Kinda scared at the moment .

    We have already successfully imported one copy of phpbb onto our server, and tonight we were attempting to import a second one. The objective was to merge two old boards into a new one.

    I uploaded the .sql dump of the second phpBB into its own database, and then that was set to go.

    Then ran admincp and backed up my vB database (containing the first board, which was successfully transferred).. and then I went into the import tool and clicked the reset button at the top. Then I ran the first module.

    I then realized that I needed to change the config settings for the impex file. I did that, uploaded it.

    Then I went back into the admin.. went to the import.. clicked module one.. went to the NEXT page.. where it says check database.. then I click back.. and got an error:

    There seems to have been a slight problem with the Community database.

    It then sent an email to the admin with the following error:

    Invalid SQL:
    SELECT * FROM cpsession
    WHERE userid =
    AND hash = '96e1fXXXXX4369c3de44971'
    AND dateline > 1100224931
    mysql error: You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'AND hash = '96e1f1c4fXXXXXX69c3de44971'
    AND dateline >

    mysql error number: 1064


    Help? Do we restore the database and try again? *takes a deep breath*.. this is scary =P.


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    What is the complete error message, including the script info?
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      OOOK.. after an EXTREMELY emotional past 2 hours.. the site is now COMPLETELY back.. That's.. that's like wow :P.

      3 months of work resting in one .sql file..

      Ok, moving on .

      The site is back to where it was before. The import thing still has the old module data.

      What do we do now to bring in the SECOND phpbb board?



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        I take it you have read this ?

        All you need to do to import consecutive board is remove the import id's and when you are running the import user module you will probably want to turn on auto-email associate.

        As long as you have made backups of all the source databases there is nothing scary about it.
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          How do you remove the import ID's?


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            *politely* please please? .. This is sad, I'm refreshing the screen.. hehe..


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              At the top of ever impex page there is a link to "clean up database" on of the options on the page that the link leads to, removes all the import id's.
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                He we go I've extended the HOW-TO and given some explanation :

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