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Problem with Discus importer

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  • Problem with Discus importer

    I just purchased VB3.0.3 today and got it installed and up and running with no problems

    Now I'm trying to use the discus importer. Step 1 (check databases) worked fine. I get the following error on step 2.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: get_discus_file_members_list()
    in /vbforum/impex/systems/discus_file/002.php on line 102

    Any Ideas??

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    vb3.5.2 :

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    Do you have to associate members or can you just import them, if its a clean install you don't have to run this module as there there are no users to associate with.

    The latest impex download should address this.
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      It's a clean install so I guess I can skip this step. I'm pretty sure I have the latest download since I just grabbed it this afternoon. Just checked. It's rev 1.19

      I just went back into the control panel and now when I select import/export I get a blank screen. Do I have to reset someting and start over?
      vb3.5.2 :


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        I wiped the database and started over.

        A couple of problems so far:

        1. My groups.txt and users.txt files started with a single # on the first line. I think discus uses this as a comment. The importer created a group and user called #. I was able to delete the # and the importer worked.

        2. All users are added to group id:4 (COPA Awaiting Moderation) instead of the proper group as imported previosuly.

        3. The user's join date is always 1972 with different seeminly random months and days.

        4. I tried 'import catagories' and I get an error. The display redirects to fast and I can not read it. Can a 'continue' button be added whenever an error pops up?

        vb3.5.2 :


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          Found the problem with item #4 above. My board-topics.html file was located in a different directory than the message dir. I copied it and now I do not get an error message but 0 topics/catagories are imported.
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          vb3.5.2 :


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            1. Noted, I didn't allow for that in the importer.

            2. Making users COPPA by default is the norm as if the birth date can't be asseratianed , the importer errs on the side of caution and leaves the descion up to the admin to change the users back, or select the ones that are actually COPPA etc.

            3. Must be a miss parse of the source data, I'll need to see your users file to check that out.

            4. File check loop, as you found

            PM'ed about the rest.
            I wrote ImpEx.

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