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  • Solution! Migration w/no access

    These past few days I have been faced with the task of migrating a vb3 server from a shared hosting company to a dedicated box. In theory it sounds a simple as dumping the database on the old end and importing it right back in on the new side, but unfortunatly with this hosting company and this server, it wasn't easy at all. FINALLY last night I found a solution and figured I'd pass it on to you guys! Maybe it will help someone.

    Ok. Original server. A little outdated. Mysql 3.23.54. Apache 1.3.22. Unsure of the php version. We had been running a vB on this server for quite a while, but had almost daily crashes from lack of memory available. The database usually supports between 60-100 concurrent connections and peaks higher at times. Our database dumpfile was in the neighborhood of 850mb and just the sheer size was giving us issues. The hosting company would not allow us to hhave ssh access to mysql locally or log into the server from externally. I tried about 10 different php style scripts to dump the database, both partially and in full. Every time I executed a script, the server would crap out from lack of memory. I finally got phpmyadmin to start an export, but it would either never finish or actually corrupt the database at these large files. This of course was scattered in with open_basedir issues and the usual headaches.

    In my ranting and raving after spending hours trying to get php to work and spending another couple of hours trying to get the admin to give me access for a couple of hours, I stumbled upon an AWESOME little script that not only exported the table with no hassle but imported it just as simply once it was on the new server. The program is called backupsmanager and its by a company called indexsoft. Instead of being written in php, it is written in cgi. Installation took a matter of minutes. It worked on the very first try and exported a nice compact database (gzipped) in a matter of minutes. It also supports some remote delivery options like getting the dump via email or automatic ftp to its destination.

    Anyways. It worked on the first try. I slapped it on the new server and within half an hour I had the database transferred and vB up and running again. After a while i wasn't sure how I was going to get the database off since even some of the individual tables were big enough to cause the computer to error out. Anyways, if you find yourself in a similar situation, this may/may not work for you.


    Cliff Notes: Indexsoft's mysql backupsmanager works when phpmyadmin/php won't and you can't get access to mysql via ssh. Only down is you have to buy it to do uploads. I think it was about 11 bucks. Well worth it considering the headache it saved.
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