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  • Trouble with Impex

    Hello I just installed vB3.0.1 (successfully). Now I am trying to convert my existing phpBB2 DB into a vB-compliant DB using Impex. Unfortunately I encountered some errors which I was foolish enough not to save. It could be related to the fact that I created an account for Administrative purposes and it could have caused some problem.

    Now I am trying to run the Import/Export Tool but it is not working at all, when I access Import/Export from the side panel in the Admin CP nothing appears in the main frame, or rather no details are shown (it is not an error page, it is an Import/Export page but there is nothing in it, just blue).

    Can anyone help?

    Best Regards & Be Well,

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    I solved the problem above. Yet I stumble on another one. I am at the Associate Users step of Impex. How do I associate Users? And how do I find the User ID of my Administrative Account, must it match the User ID in phpBB2?


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      Did you alreaedy try importing the data?


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        Not for the second step, I completed the first step though and it was successful (seems like it at least).


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          I would hold off assicating users untill your done with everything else.


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            And unfortunately I did not and now I am in trouble. It seems like I made a big mistake by doing Associate Users not once but even twice (I did that because there was an Anonymous entry which should not have been there). Now I have no Administrator Account in my vB Forum. Is there a way out of this without having to reinstall vB from scratch?


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              upload tools.php, which is located in the DO_NOT_UPLOAD folder of the zip, to your admincp directory. Then point your browser at tools.php, you will be able to reassocate your user as an admin after your done remove tools.php ASAP.


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                I deleted the DB Tables and am right now Installing VB from scratch. I have to setup an Administrator Account. How do I ensure that this account will be associated with my Administrator Account that features in my phpBB Forum?


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                  Once your done with the import i suggest using the Merge User tool in the Users Menu


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                    Thanks Zachery great help.

                    I have encountered an error while importing posts:

                    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 16777216 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 64655 bytes) in /home/httpd/vhosts/ on line 309

                    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 16777216 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 15 bytes) in Unknown on line 0

                    What is wrong? And what should I do?


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                      See that post


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                        Seems like Forum Content has been imported. I tried merging the Admin account I have created to my phpBB2 Admin Account and I merged them in fact. The problem is that to retain the powers of the Admin Account I created I had to forego my past name, then I changed it to the past name through the Admin CP but in the Forum it remained as the one I had given in the installation. How can I change this?


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                          You mean your account is limited in the AdminCP ?


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                            I mean:

                            1) In the Forum after I changed the name of the account, the old name was kept. (Where old actually means the name given in the vb installation and not the phpBB account name)

                            2) I edited config.php so that my account is a Super Administrator but it did not give me permission to edit Administrators' Permissions.


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                              Are you sure?

                              You need to enter the USERID which is a nubmer, not the USERNAME


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