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Everyone who has imported from Phpbb2 please read

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  • Everyone who has imported from Phpbb2 please read


    I see that some people have tried to do an import from phpBB2. So have I.
    However I do not see them reporting the errors I have (apart from the known error with PMs).

    Can you guys check that you also have the following problem?

    In the imported forums, the Active Users List in the forum view shows only 1 person, and that is you. Furthermore on the forum homepage there is no indication of how many users are viewing each forum (e.g. 5 Viewing).
    What I did is to create a new forum. Everything for this forum works great. The Active user list works fine and on the forum homepage I can see how many people are viewing the forum.
    The question is? Am I the only one having this problem? Have you noticed such behaviour?
    My conclusion is that it is an import error, that's what I'm asking you to confirm.

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Greetings from Greece.

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    Im guessing you have just goten done importing, have you rebuilt all the counters yet


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      I ran all the counters except for:

      Rebuild Search Index
      Rebuild Similar Threads
      Delete Duplicate Threads
      Rebuild Attachment Thumbnails
      Rebuild User Reputation

      I think that those are of no use just for testing before final import.

      It is soooo strange this is happening.
      And it is not a file or template problem since when I create a new forum the active users work for that specific forum.

      To be more specific.

      On forum home page -> Active Users showing at the bottom of the page. Readers are not though (next to each forum title)

      On Forum view -> I can only see myself. And yes, there are other users browsing this forum.

      On Thread view -> I can see Active Users ok. Other people browsing the tread show up.

      All configuration on forum basis is correct.


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        Try running the bulk of them again, and when you do your real upgrade you WILL need to Rebuild Search Index if you want to be able to search


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          Just did it.

          It doesn't work.

          Same problem.


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            Did you enable
            AdminCP > vBulletin Options > Forum Display Options (forumdisplay) > Show Users Browsing Forums ?

            Is there anyone else viewing the forum? The whos online page will show any user who has touched a vBulletin page.


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              Of course I have enabled this option. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to see everything correct with the forum I have created manually.

              As I said before, Other users are browing the forum. I can see them on the front page and I can see where they are. When I go to the forum they browse I only see myself. So do they (they see only themselves). I'm testing this with a couple of friends.

              No offense, but I think we are looking at the wrong direction of the problem. In my opinion the import of the forums is causing the problem because the problem is only present on imported forums and not the newly created ones.


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                I haven't been able to check this, since I don't have a converted forum that's public yet.

                I don't understand why this would have anything to do with the import either.


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                  Get a friend of yours to login in your test environment.

                  Try to test it. I think it's an important issue and I'm happy I encountered this error now before going live. It is hard to see it because you normally will import check that you have everything and will not imagine that something like that can happen. I'm confident you will see the same error!


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                    Oh my, you're actually right.

                    I just tested with three different browsers using different usernames. When I browsed in a forum that was created in vB3 before the import from phpBB2, I could see myself, and the other two users. The (2 viewing) text could also be seen at the side of the forum link on Forum Home. I could see all three users in the "What's Going On" box too.

                    However, if I went into one of the imported forums, this info was totally gone - I could only see the user I was browsing the forum with, not the other two.

                    What's happening? I guess some info is invalid or missing in the database.

                    Good catch, Infobeto!


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                      Told ya!

                      Hope Jerry fixes that!


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                        Did you report it as a bug in the bugtracker?


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                          Can someone do it because my english is not that good?


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                            Bug reported;

                            2786 -- ("X Viewing" info disappears after import (phpBB) --

                            Please enter any additional info you might have on this issue in the bugtracker as you discover it.


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                              I found how to fix this but I don't know if there will be any consequences with this fix. I need VB team to confirm there won't be.

                              Get access to table 'forum' and make importforumid=0 for all imported forums.

                              This solves the problem with the active users display. I don't know why but it does

                              I would like to hear VB team's feedback on that. I may have found the fix.




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