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I'm becoming MAD. I have Successfully installed FB App. What Next ?

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  • Wayne Luke
    You need to promote the app either through your exist site or your site's Facebook page. As people participate through the App and contribute via the App, that will be posted to their Facebook Wall. Their friends can see this and join your Forum through the App... Eventually the information should get passed around and that is how you go viral.

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  • tpearl5
    I'm not sure what kind of response you expect from vbulletin staff. It is up to you to make content and drive people to the site.

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  • vetty
    Eagerly waiting for an answer for the money spent.

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  • Thomas Vi
    I think now it´s importend to get some "sample users" maybe friendly users of your forum in use of the app.

    The effect is, that at every post of these users there will be a message in their timeline and other users see and maybe click it.

    They also can promote via like!

    The other way is, if you have a facebook page with a lot of like to promote this via a timelink.

    But i agree i also thinked about how to advertise effective.

    And don´t found the solution.

    Actually it´s not easy to place the app to your customer. I think a real important step would be to keep the development target to a maximum integration to a facebook page. Not just a single app.

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  • I'm becoming MAD. I have Successfully installed FB App. What Next ?


    I spent a lot of time purchasing SSL, installing/configuring FB App and atlast getting the app to get into fan page tab.
    Now, Everything is fine and I can see my fb app live and I'm very happy about it.
    This is my first vb site. Earlier I have used phpbb and smf. But this time I'm serious about this new vb site (Purchased it )

    Ok, Now to the question;

    I don't know what to do with this fb app which is on facebook now.
    There is no link to invite .. !!!!!!!!!!!
    How is this app going to be viral ???

    What to do now?

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