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  • Trevor Hannant
    Can you try this:

    Comment out the following lines in vb_api_client.php:

    $this->vurl->set_option(VURL_FOLLOWLOCATION, true);
    $this->vurl->set_option(VURL_MAXREDIRS, 1);

    Then retry your app.

    Does this resolve the problem?

    Leave a comment:

  • ComputerModding
    started a topic Can not login

    Can not login

    I am logged into my forum with the facebook connect button but when I goto the app on Facebook and click login I get this message.

    Already a Member?
    Sorry, we were unable to log you in automatically. Please make sure your forum account is linked to your Facebook account via Facebook Connect button

    If you are not a member, please create a new account.
    Anybody got any ideas on how to resolve this?

    Slowly getting annoyed with The Facebook app's now, the other one I have for another forum is also not working due to a separate problem but again all Facebook Connect related, why can't users just enter their username and password as they would for logging into the forum, I know this Facebook Connect us supposed to be a one click log-in but seriously look at all the problems people are having.

    I have 0 people using my FB app, 130 using the Android App and 85 using the iPhone app, all launched at the same time (Over a month ago) but the iPhone app was only published yesterday, these figure tell me that everybody is having problems with the Facebook App <---- these figures are from my other forum not the one above.

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