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Why do you need to login again?

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  • Why do you need to login again?

    I finally got the app installed and working but why do you need to login ( to the board ) even though you are logged into facebook ???

    It seems a little confusing.

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    I thought the same and it kind of defeats the object of why I bought the app (see my post on your other thread).

    I find that I get a lot of comments to my posts on Facebook but these users are hesitatent to leave Facebook so I am going to try nd encourage them to participate through the app once the meta tag stuff is sorted for the like/share buttons within the app.

    As for some Facebook is a comfort zone so getting them to login again at my site kind of defeats what I'm trying to do lol


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      Yeah ... and it seems that people can log into my site though facebook ... So why not let them stay in facebook logged on ... doesnt make sense to me.


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