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Trying to post when not logged in.

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  • Trying to post when not logged in.

    If I'm not logged in to the app, the text box shows for me to post a reply. If I type something and click submit then the little arrow goes around but after that nothing. No submission of the post, no error page or nothing which is going to confuse users as to what is happening.

    1st points if guest posting is allowed, if not logged into the app and you post a guest post to a forum which allows guest posting once you hit submit on your post it does nothing, it doesn't get submitted, no errors no nothing.

    2nd point if posting a reply to a post which doesn't allow guest posting when not logged into the app. If you submit your reply it does nothing except the little arrow goes around, it doesn't throw a permissions error or redirect you to register/login. How on earth are newbies to the forum and app supposed to know what to do?

    And why can't I post a post as a guest when posting as a guest is allowed in that forum?

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