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How to view the latest post in a thread?

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  • How to view the latest post in a thread?

    When viewing a list of threads on vb I normally click on the little arrow to view the latest post in a thread.

    I don't see that option on the Facebook app. You've got the thread title which when clicked takes you to the start of the thread. You've got the name of the forum which just brings up the list of threads again within that forum and the user who last posted which opens ther profile in a new page on vb.

    Those are the only clickable links, so how exactly do I get to the newest post without having to click on the thread title then the last page number? That introduces extra click....

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    Clicking on any thread in the app should take you to the last unviewed post for the logged in user. If it does not, its a bug.


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      I can't comment on the last UNREAD post as I don't currently have any threads which I haven't read.

      But there should be a option. To skip to the very last post for example I do this scenario a lot -

      Read the last post of a thread, come away from that thread and do some housework then think Ooo, go back to thread to add to it but if using the Facebook app tis then means that I have to do -

      Click on the thread title then I have to press the arrow by the number of pages EACH time to get to the end of the thread to read what was posted then post my reply.

      So two things here, there's no option to jump to the last post when in view forum (viewing a list of threads) and secondly which I've just noticed. When viewing a thread and the page numbers are at the top right, there's no way to jump to the last page, the arrow takes you through one page at a time.

      I have threads which have 200 odd ages, no way am I going to sit here and click the arrow 200 times to get to the last page of the thread.

      Im right aren't I?


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        And I've just viewed a thread with a unread post in it and when clicked it takes me to the bottom of the first page when I have in actual fact read the first 6 pages except the last post on the 6th page.

        So there's 3 things there...


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          I think this is a major flaw and there's 3 points to this issuE. Added to Jira -


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