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  • SteveLV702
    um people will still visit your site via http so they won't get these issues but the Facebook app will use https so you will be alright...

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  • scottct1
    started a topic https concerns

    https concerns

    I am slightly interested in this Facebook module, but I dont know if it will work for me. At the moment we are just regular http for our forum. I have played around with our test forum to try enabling https and in doing so for every page loading I get an alert since a lot of the stuff on my site comes for off of my server. For example I have 3 ad agencies which serve my site with ads, in addition I use a CDN to deliver graphics, java and css. Finally I have my site so it pulls the YUI from Google.

    Because of these things I get an error on each page asking me if I want to load the non secure content as well. If people check no then my ads are not displayed and the page looks bad as its missing content from the CDN.

    How can I run this new Facebook plugin without having these issues?

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