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Will the Facebook App Help fill this need?

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  • Will the Facebook App Help fill this need?

    BACKGROUND: I run a local car club. 80-90% of the members have migrated to using Facebook rather than use the club forums (vBulletin v4.x). They find it easier to keep track of what's going on because they receive notifications when someone responds to a question. Facebook isn't nearly as easy to locate past events & information as it is on the vBulletin forums.... the older guys don't want anything to do with Facebook, so we'll never get them all over to FB. (I don't want them all there either.)

    What I'm looking for: A way to embed forums onto Facebook to keep everyone happy. Topics posted on FB will need to appear on the site forums and vice-versa... I also need way for FB users to get notifications when a subscribed forum topic is replied to.... I also need FB users to have the ability to see everything that is posted in the forums, but via a Facebook app.


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    Yes, this need is exactly what the Facebook App fulfills.
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      Just to verify, the FB app will send notifications through Facebook to forum users that are connected through Facebook?


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