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vBulletin Facebook App Troubleshooting - updated 22nd Dec '11

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  • Lynne
    If, when trying to access your facebook app, you get the error:
    Error while loading page from
    Empty response received.
    Make sure your Canvas FBML/iframe is set to iframe, not FBML. This option does not show up for everybody! But, if it is there, it is under the "Advanced Settings" in two places:

    * Under "Migrations" look for "iframe Page Tab:" and make sure it is set to Enabled (I believe default is Disabled)
    * Under "Canvas Settings", make sure to select iframe instead of FBML.
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  • Trevor Hannant
    Unable to login to your forum via the FB App:

    Make sure you've installed the '/product-vbfbfriends.xml' product and configured the options here:

    AdminCP > Settings > Options > Facebook Application Options

    Blank page when trying to access your App:

    This generally occurs because of an incorrect URL. Open the Facebook App config.php file and check that the following settings are using https:// and not http://


    Also ensure that you're using the correct URLs here and that they have a trailing slash:

    FACEBOOK_CANVAS_URL = the app location on Facebook itself -
    FACEBOOK_APP_SITEURL = the location of the facebook files on your server -
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  • vBulletin Facebook App Troubleshooting - updated 22nd Dec '11

    As the Facebook App uses the same API functionality that the Mobile Apps use, the following link is valid for troubleshooting any issues with this:

    Basic API Troubleshooting Guide

    Please ensure you check these items as part of your troubleshooting before posting in the forums or raising a Ticket.


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