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Facebook changes July 10, 2013

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  • Facebook changes July 10, 2013


    I just got a ping on facebook about my facebook app (facebook connect). There are a lot of changes coming to the API.

    Will these changes affect Facebook Connect and its functionality? Is there anything that administrators should be aware of?

    Developer Roadmap

    In the spirit of openness and transparency and to adhere to our [URL=""]Breaking Change Policy[/URL=""], we publish this roadmap to help developers plan for changes that may require code modifications. Like all roadmaps, it may shift slightly, but we will share insight into what is happening as details become available. We encourage developers to [URL=""]subscribe[/URL=""] to our [URL=""]blog[/URL=""], where we announce rollout plans and timing.

    July 10, 2013

    The following changes can be enabled/disabled using the "July 2013 Breaking Changes" [URL=""]migration[/URL=""] until July 10th when they will go into effect permanently for everyone:

    New APIs for comment replies
    As announced [URL=""]here[/URL=""], this migration enables the updated comment APIs.

    Social plugins will require an absolute URL in the 'href' parameter
    [URL=""]Social plugins[/URL=""], such as the Like Box and Like Button, will require an absoute URL in the 'href' parameter.

    Stream table will throw exception with invalid filter_key
    Query [URL=""]stream_filter[/URL=""] table for a set of valid stream filters. The [URL=""]stream[/URL=""] table will throw an exception if called with an invalid 'filter_key' option.

    Removing 'publish_checkins' permissions
    Publishing a Checkin object is deprecated in favor of creating an Open Graph story with a [URL=""]location[/URL=""] attached. You can also create a Post with a location attached using the 'publish_steam' extended permission.

    FQL Checkin table 'page_id' change
    We are renaming 'page_id' to 'target_id' for the [URL=""]Checkin[/URL=""] table.

    Removing 'version' field for Groups
    We introduced 'version' field to indicate whether the group was created prior to launch of the current groups product in October 2010. We are removing this field as all Groups on Facebook are now the same version. This impacts both [URL=""]Group Graph API[/URL=""] and [URL=""]Group FQL Table[/URL=""].

    Photos will no longer return larger sizes than the uploaded version
    'images' field in [URL=""]photos[/URL=""] and [URL=""]photo_src[/URL=""] table will no longer return image sizes larger than the original uploaded version of the photo.

    Can not create multiple create actions for the same Open Graph object
    We are no longer allowing multiple create actions for the same Open Graph object, as documented [URL=""]here[/URL=""].

    Deprecating 'comments' field from 'stream' FQL table
    We are deprecating the 'comments' field from 'stream' FQL table. Please select the 'comment_info' column to fetch the 'can_comment' and 'comment_count' fields (formerly called 'can_post' and 'count'), and use the comment table directly to retrieve the list of comments.

    Removing 'xid', 'reply_xid', 'username' and 'comments' from 'comment' FQL table
    We are removing the fields on the FQL 'comment' table that were used exclusively for legacy [URL=""]Comments Plugins[/URL=""] -- 'xid', 'reply_xid', 'username' and 'comments'. We now treat comments the same across plugins and within Facebook. Please query for comment replies left on the plugin [URL=""]the same way[/URL=""] as you would for other comments.

    Removing 'count' from 'comments' Graph API connection
    We are removing the undocumented 'count' field on the 'comments' connection in the Graph API. Please request '{id}/comments?summary=true' explicitly if you would like the summary field which contains the count (now called 'total_count')

    The following changes will go into effect on July 10, 2013:

    Mobile App Install Ads change
    We are updating the [URL=""]Creative Spec[/URL=""] parameter 'app_platform_type' to 'mobile_store'. The possible values for mobile_store are now "itunes", "itunes_ipad", and "google_play".

    Conversion spec and tracking pixel ID changes
    We are deprecating the use of 'tracking_pixel_id' when specifying the desire to track a [URL=""]conversion pixel[/URL=""] in an ad. You should instead specify the pixel in the newly launched [URL=""]tracking_specs[/URL=""] field. We are also deprecating the use of [URL=""]conversion specs[/URL=""] in bid types that are not optimized for actions (e.g. CPM, CPC, and oCPM when no bid value is placed on actions). You should instead use [URL=""]tracking_specs[/URL=""] to track conversions for these bid types.

    Custom Audiences change
    We have changed the targeting spec parameter 'excluded_user_adclusters' to be 'excluded_custom_audiences'. Additionally, the endpoint to create and retrieve your custom audiences is now:

    Accessing link stats change
    App access tokens will be required for accessing the [URL=""]link_stat[/URL=""] FQL table. App access tokens will also be required for retrieving data from Graph API endpoint for link stats, ie:

    Graph API search changes
    App access tokens will be required for all search Graph API calls except Places and Pages. Search for application will no longer be supported.

    Open Graph apps using custom actions for fitness, books, movies, and TV
    As [URL=""]announced[/URL=""] in March, any apps that previously used custom actions to represent this type of sharing will need to move common actions by July 10, 2013.

    Removing 'page_friends_of_fans' metric
    We are removing the metric: 'page_friends_of_fans' from the Insights Dashboard and the [URL=""]Insights API[/URL=""].

    Removing the ability to "Select All" or "Pre-Select" for Requests
    As part of our efforts to improve user sentiment, we have [URL=""]updated our platform policy[/URL=""] so that apps may not offer a select all option or pre-select multiple recipients to receive requests. Other Request dialog functionality will remain the same.

    Dean Miller, W4DDM

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    I've put it in JIRA -


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      Thank you Joe.
      Dean Miller, W4DDM


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        Can we expect these issues to be fixed so that the existing apps don't break?

        Or atleast some statement of assurance from IB / VB about compatibility with these "breaking changes"?


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          Any updates?


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            When there is an update it will be posted in the JIRA issue I linked to. The VB5 JIRA - - has been tested and they do not see that these upcoming changes will break anything in VB5.But it does not cover the Facebook App specifically.


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              Can we expect this to be fixed before July 10th?


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                Joe, What about the older versions and specifically the Facebook interface?
                Dean Miller, W4DDM


                • #9
                  Unfortunately I don't know if any changes will be required- and should they be required I am not sure whether or not they will be completed before July 10th. I will continue to raise the issue when I can but I do not have any personal decision making ability on this issue.


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