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Workaround for no default blog category issue

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  • Workaround for no default blog category issue

    There have been a few threads over the past couple of years regarding the absence of an option to set a default category for new vBulletin Blog entries. So far, there has been little response from vBulletin and nothing on the horizon to suggest that this is going to be included any time soon.

    In the meantime, I'm using the following workaround:

    1. Admin CP >> Languages & Phrases >> Search in Phrases

    2. Search for "uncategorized" in both phrases and variables

    3. Locate the entry that says:

    vBulletin Blog Global Phrases Containing 'uncategorized'

    uncategorized Standard Phrase Uncategorized
    4. Click on Edit

    5. In the Transaltion edit box, type in "Member Profile" or some other designation of your choosing.

    5. Save.

    Now, if someone does not choose a different category when posting, it will show up as "Category: Member Blog".
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