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  • Version 4.2.4 images on mobile version


    Is there a way to show images on the default mobile version of vB 4.2.4?

    If you visit my site on a mobile, it should open the default vB4 mobile version but no images appear on the home page... is this correct or can it be made to show all images ?

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    Not that I am aware of. The Mobile style for vBulletin 4.X was created in a time when bandwidth was a big issue for mobile clients and was designed to preserve bandwidth over everything else. As such it was feature limited in many ways. The Mobile Apps were also marketed as a way to restore these features so they weren't added in over time.

    When vBulletin 5 was released, it had most of its features available with its responsive styles. The notable exceptions were Site Builder and the richtext editor. The editor is available on most mobile devices now. I don't think SIte Builder is actually blocked on tablets but since it is based on drag and drop but I am not sure how well it works.
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