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Problem in seach posts of users

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  • [Forum] Problem in seach posts of users

    I miss what happens to me, if you click on the nick of any user, one of the options is: Show user messages.
    It shows me the user's messages but until November 2020, the rest of the messages since that date, do not appear in that search.
    It is as if in November, I made some modification (that I do not remember) and they are no longer shown.
    I have gone through all the possible configurations I can think of, but I don't see where the fault is.

    Edit: In case I didn't explain myself well:
    Within a topic, the user's postbit, click on his nickname, click on show user messages, they appear only until November 2020.

    Thanks in advance.

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    What are you calling 'user messages'?


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      Sorry for my bad english:
      Click image for larger version

Name:	foro.jpg
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      Is the link of: View forum posts.

      Before nov 2020 appears all posts of users, now, only appears until nov 2020...



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        No idea or suggestion about it?
        I have been looking at configurations all day, the only thing I have seen is the possibility of queuing searches, but we must make sure that we have the queue search cron enabled.
        I have gone to look at the task cron and I do not have any regarding searches (the previous option of queue searches I have disabled).
        I have checked the forums and they are set to be indexed.

        It doesn't occur to me what might be happening ...

        Thanks in advance.


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          Sounds like your search engine isn't indexing for some unknown reason. There are no settings to turn this off and posts should be indexed immediately when they are created. However, vBulletin 4.X uses FULLTEXT indexes for the search so if you converted the post and thread tables to use INNODB, this will break the search engine.

          If you didn't make changes to the table engines of those tables, you can rebuild the search engine under Maintenance -> General Update Tools. If you're using a third-party addon for search such as one for SphinxSearch, then it might not be compatible with your server anymore.
          Translations provided by Google.

          Wayne Luke
          The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
          vBulletin 5 API


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            Hi Wayne Luke,
            Yes, is like search engine isn't indexing for some unknown reason.
            In the past, a lot months ago (or some year ago) I converted my tables (some tables indicate by you) to use INNODB) it was a suggestion of yours that I thanked you very much, but it kept indexing without any problem.
            The lack of indexing or the failure or the problem that exists is since November 2020, on that date, I did nothing, no new plugin, no change in the database ...
            Thinking and thinking, the only thing that occurs to me (and I am not sure if it was in November or December of last year) was that, I moved to the server and at one point I had a problem with the restoration of the database (it takes about 15 gigs), but I would be almost certain that this happened in December, although there is a possibility that it was in November.

            Any change in the table or in all database, and I don't use any third-party addon for search such as SphinxSearch or other.

            I view in Maintenance -> General Update Tools the option for rebuild. Like my forum have a lot threads/posts, need a lot time.

            Search info in the google, I view that, in the zip of vbulletin, in folder "Do not upload" we have the file searchindex.php.
            Since yesterday I execute this file by ssh and are rebuilding all.

            When I finish I will comment on the results to see if everything new continues to reindex well.

            Thanks and best regards.


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