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Everyone is banned including me as the owner / admin

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    Originally posted by CSAdmin View Post

    The Ticket No. is [SID-2331838]

    Thank you for checking.
    Info sent in response to e-mail. Thank you.


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      So this happened to me today as well. I found the banip setting in the database, cleared it but no joy. It was clearing the 'options' setting in this thread that did it for me.

      I queried the BanIP value list first and saved it so I could put it back later once I got back into the site (which because of the DELETE stmt below I was).

      select * from [I]prefix[/I]_setting where grouptitle = 'banning';
      UPDATE [I]prefix[/I]_setting SET value='' WHERE varname='banip';
      DELETE FROM [I]prefix[/I]_datastore WHERE title IN ('options', 'miscoptions');
      What I don't get is...why. I had 2 spammers trying to create accounts from, and (Probably the same person). it was the x.x.185 address that did it. If I put it back... blamo, the whole world was blocked.

      Anyway, I realize 4.2 is well past EOL, but appreciate that there is still support here as the migration to 5 is just not something I have bandwidth for. Hope this helps someone else.


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        probably an issue with processing the IP Addresses. x would actually evaluate to 0 since vBulletin doesn't use CIDR. The IPv4 address is turned into an array and evaluated as integers. X isn't an integer so PHP returns 0. Plus the system uses a space as the delimiter between addresses. So if you have an inadvertant space in there, it can break.

        It behaves similarly in vBulletin 5 and there is probably a better way to store these, i.e. within their own table and not a text field. Adding CIDR support would also be a benefit.

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          the 'x' in my post was just lazy typing...when I entered the IP for banning it was the real IP address, all 4 ranges filled out. Checked for spaces, because when I put them back the first time (and got full banned again)...there was. When I took the space out... still banned, I could not enter that IP address in any form.


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