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Navtabs Issues no matter what I try

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  • Navtabs Issues no matter what I try

    I have been using a plugin for drop down menus but its not working with new theme settings, so i wanted to try the navtabs but its killing me as well.

    First its adding tabid even though i say not to, then I do not want the new tab to be a link but even blank it goes to the forum home, even though there are sub links?

    Last issue is to make selected but all my non forum pages use the same template defined in this_script but will want multiple tabs, then the forum is still higlited as well anyway when i go to another tab?

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    I removed my old vbtabs menu and well things do work better, placing menu items in the manager but can I not have something on the page code other than template name to hilight the correct tab?


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      now somehow none are selected and i have overlapping sub menu.. not going well lol


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        Resolved all but the fact the sub menu iotems are about 20px to low so you you lose hovering moving to them, and popupclick does not work?


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