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Code in header when viewing My profile ONLY

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  • Code in header when viewing My profile ONLY

    Hi All,

    I have the following code appearing in my header when viewing My Profile, only my profile not others. This is for all users, registered, mod and admin.....

    I do wish people would update their threads with solutions

    Using 4.2.5 with PHP 5.6 7.1 and 7.2 it is replicated.

    I have recently commented out some of the old footer links but reversing this makes no difference. I made a small css change to adjust the height of the footer links in the footer links "margin top" by commenting in .footer_links from the existing margin-top: 2px; and adding margin-top: 6px; which has achieved its desired effect

    There is some old comment on this issue about but I would like to get some up to date comment, if available


    Steve English.

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    It is JavaScript coming from somewhere. It doesn't exist in a default installation. You would have to search your templates and addons to see if you can find it.
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