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Youtube issue. Quoting videos and thread kinda dies

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  • jimnyc
    Great, thanks, Mark!!

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  • Mark.B
    This doesn't happen on a default installation.

    Sounds like there is some server security software blocking something in that combination of the URL.

    Speak to your host, give them a data and time example of you posting like this, and see if they can identify which rule it is that is being triggered...they should be able to amend it.
    Last edited by Mark.B; Thu 7 May '20, 10:30am.

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  • Youtube issue. Quoting videos and thread kinda dies

    This is for vB version 4.2.5 on my forum.

    If I go to Youtube and want to share a video on the board, the new link code is to youtu .be links instead of the .com. If you quote this posted video with using the .be link, you cannot see any posts beyond the post that quoted the video. I need to edit the post above it, change the post #'s and then it lets me edit the post that quoted the video and remove the video in the quote, and then the thread is fixed and working once again. I tried this with many videos using the .be links and it happens every single time.

    Now, if I install the "Auto youtube - link parser" from, and then I can just drop a link in a post to the URL from the browser, which is a youtube .com address and it works fine if quoted. The same if the .com video is inserted using the video tags. It only happens with the .be.

    Does anyone know a fix for this by chance? I did in fact do a search and read a bunch of threads but I couldn't find anything before posting this and asking.

    Thanks much!!


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