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  • [Forum] Two tables attachment

    Hello, a few days ago I tried a test to upgrade to vb5 and I ran into some bugs, for example I was missing attachments.
    Looking in the database of my vb4 installation, I see that I have two attachment tables, one with tableprefix, and one without it.

    In the administrator panel I do a search by the name of the files without tableprefix and it can't find them, I suppose I should add the two tables only in one.

    Can I do it with a simple update in mysql or how should I do it?

    Attached capture of the start of both tables.

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    Any light please?


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      You should make sure you're using the correct table prefix in your /core/includes/config.php for vBulletin 5. It should match the value in your old vBulletin 4.X /includes/config.php file.

      You should not do anything with the tables, except maybe delete ones that don't match the prefix.
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