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Hourly oddity only from desktop site

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  • Hourly oddity only from desktop site

    Hello, I'm new to the forum. I manage the civil aviation site which hosts a forum in Vbulletin on the vb folder (4.2.3 Patch Level 2)
    The PHP version is 5.6.40 while the MySQL version is 5.7.25-28-log

    The forum has been transferred hosting for a few days and I have problems viewing the time of the posts, but the oddity is that I only have it browsing the "desktop" site while if I view the forum (in the same style as Vb4DefaultStyle) from smartphone the time appears correct. I asked the hosting to fix the server time, mysql and php and it is now set on the Rome time zone. I, however, only from the desktop continue to see the post times 5 hours onwards. Eg place a message at 7.03 and if I view it from desktop it shows me 12.03, while if I view the same page from mobile it shows me correctly 7.03. Do you have any idea how to solve it and what it can be? Thanks!

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