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Please help, get number of active users in vBulletin.

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  • Please help, get number of active users in vBulletin.

    Hi everyone

    I'm trying to get the number of active users in order to get a quote for a chat service.

    I'm not sure I got the right numbers by Control Panel, Statistics, Activity Users, example,

    I just logged in today but I logged too in the past days, is my loggin be counted today and the past days? or it is just counted today? Is it counted just once per day or several times per day?

    I'm trying to match the numbers shown in statistics with querys in the database by "select user where vb_loginlog = day " , but the result doesn't match the number in statistics.

    In some posts I've read that the statistics is indeed the number of users logged in each day for the past 30 days, but I need to be sure of that because this number is crucial in getting the quote for the Chat service.

    Please, can someone advise? what am I doing wrong? how could I get the same numbers that the statistics but by doing SQL query?

    Thanks in advance

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    vBulletin stores dates as Unix Timestamps. So you have to use that to check dates. An example query is below:

    SELECT count(*) FROM user WHERE lastactivity > UNIX_TIMESTAMP('2020-01-28');
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