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Where can I add tracking script on my vBulletin forum ?

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  • [Forum] Where can I add tracking script on my vBulletin forum ?


    I've paid for some service (on Appsumo) and sometimes they give you script to add on your site. When it's on Wordpress, they usually have plugin, but for Forum, they never offer Mods.
    Thus, they ask us to add a script somewhere on our site/forum. The problem is that I don't know where to add them and also, when I have a lot of script to add one after another, I'm wondering if it's not overwhelming the page.

    Since I some customer who paid it say they could add as many script as they want without affecting their page, I think it might work for me as well.
    Last time I tried to add a script, it appeared on my page although it shouldn't be visible. Not to mention that it didn't work.

    I have heard about some Mods where you can add Google Analytic script so there might be some Mods that allow us to add some tracking script without tweaking on our html page.
    Also, how can we track each forum page? Do I have to place the code on each pages or is there a way to add the script in the root forum page so that each created thread might be checked and tracked by the script?

    I'm looking forward to be hearing from you soon.

    Best regards,

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    They should tell you where to add the script. Normally it's in the footer before the closing tag.


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      AdminCP >> Styles & Templates >> Style Manager >> {each active style or the parent style if they're all child styles} >> Edit templates >> Go

      Find: headinclude

      Add your script there to track every page.
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