Huge gap between text and HTML table in CMS article

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  • Mornagest
    • Mar 2010
    • 63
    • 4.2.X

    [CMS] Huge gap between text and HTML table in CMS article


    I get a strange problem while adding an HTML table in an article. While a BBCode table works fine, the same HTML table would get stuck by being posted about 30 lines below the rest of the article.

    Here's a link to demonstrate what I experiment :

    As you can see, the right table with the image and so on is posted fine, but at the very bottom of the article, you can find the second table I'd like to post.

    I tried with a brand new article and the table is still at the very bottom.

    What could be wrong ?

    Thank you in advance !
  • Wayne Luke
    vBulletin Technical Support Lead
    • Aug 2000
    • 73464
    • 6.0.X

    Make sure the HTML for your table is in one long contiguous line without line breaks. Every line break will be converted to a <br> tag in vBulletin 4.X. Since they don't belong in the table code, most browsers will display the <br> tags above the table.
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    Wayne Luke
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    • Mornagest
      • Mar 2010
      • 63
      • 4.2.X

      Why, thank you for your quick answer, Wayne. That works perfectly with that trick !

      Thank you again

      edit : I didn't find the way to mark the topic as resolved... sorry 😳


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