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vB4.2.5 Blogs - Attachment Loss

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  • vB4.2.5 Blogs - Attachment Loss

    We are migrating and our blogs migration is facing some challenges. Some of our blogs came over without any attachments whatsoever - while others came across just fine. When I went back to the old installation, and looked at two blogs, one which failed and one did not, I could only see one difference.

    The blogs which seemed to dump their attachments were marked with a border and "attached thumbnails" which I assume means that what was pulled was the thumbnail and not the attachment itself.

    Could someone please verify this - is what I am seeing in fact just thumbnails and not the attachment themselves - so that what may have happened is that whatever was contained in the blog body was brought over with the blog text - but in the case of those with thumbnails it brought nothing?

    Sean Engle

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    The images on the left are attachments. The images on the right are inserted using the [img] tag. Thumbnails vs. Attachments isn't really relevant here. They aren't really considered separate things. vBulletin 5 is supposed to automatically recreate thumbnails if they are missing. It does this when viewing the topic for the first time.

    Since vBulletin 3, didn't support inline attachments directly, I would guess that attachments didn't get moved over. Did you store attachments in the file system? If so, you need to move that directory into your vBulletin 5 directory so the system can find the attachments.
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