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Help with Rewrites as I get ready to upgrade to VB5

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  • Help with Rewrites as I get ready to upgrade to VB5

    Hi everybody, I recently purchased vB 5.5.5 and plan to upgrade once I get rid of all the old modifications and build a skin for the upgraded site. In the mean time I have been working on rewrites to send my vb4 URLs that were rewritten by an out of date SEO program back to the original urls that vB4 uses so that hopefully I can keep the content that has been indexed over the years. I got some help here in another member's thread with the forum URLs, but the next question is about rewriting the CMS.

    Can anyone offer some help?

    Here is what I have so far, but I'm not sure if this is right or how to apply it to the two links below:
    Currently, this is an article URL.

    This is the rewrite rule I believe I need to use to redirect it back to the vb4 URLS - but I'm not sure.

     RewriteRule /([0-9]+-[^/]+)\.html$ /forum/content.php?r=$1 [L]
    This is the url when I disable Hooks on my site. (I'm guessing this is the url I need to redirect to? OR should it be the Friendly URLs. I think I would like to do that if that is what is done in vB5 as that is my plan when we move to our new server and finish the upgrade to vB5.)

    So, here is another layer to this redirect, but I'm not sure what to do.

    The sections of my CMS have URLs that look like this:

    When I disable hooks, this is the URL.

    What Rewrite rule do I need to use here? (Also, is it a problem that the 'title name' now has upper case letters?)

    Finally, here is the category using list.php. This is the current URL

    Here is the URL when I disable hooks: (again, the first letter is now in upper case)

    What Rewrite rule do I need to use here? (Also, again please notice the upper case first letter in the title.)

    Thank you for your help. I'm trying to figure this out and it is a huge learning curve. I appreciate any assistance.


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    It seems many people have gone through this, but I am still having trouble finding the solutions. Any help would be appreciated.


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