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How do I get and hire Vb Phone Support for a Vb 4.2.5 Issue

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  • How do I get and hire Vb Phone Support for a Vb 4.2.5 Issue

    I need professional help. During repair and optimize tables we found issues with out Vcache tables. I need an expert to look at this. Where do I call or email for this help. I don't see it in the members area. We are keeping the board offline and our host has backups too. Please advise how to arrange help from Vb for this.

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    I'm unsure what you mean by 'vcache tables'.

    It's important to note that vBulletin Support is only able to provide assistance with the actual vBulletin software. We cannot provide assistance with anything server related. Server issues would be handled by your host.

    If you could provide some detail on the problem it would help us, we may even be able to assist here in the forum depending on the nature of the issue.

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      I am talking about Vb software only. And this relates to a Vb Database Error sent repeatedly to me by email.

      We were getting emails for vb database error and it mentioned the vcache, and that we should try to repair tables. The board was taken offline for users except Admin and we ran the routine repair and optimize tables. Vcache is having issues indeed. When done it gives you a list of all tables.Here is what it said:
      cache Check Warning: Table is marked as crashed
      vcache Check Warning: 17 clients are using or haven't closed the table properly
      vcache Check Error: Record-count is not ok; is 4708 Should be: 4714
      vcache Check Warning: Found 4873292 deleted space. Should be 4859912
      vcache Check Warning: Found 9735207 record-data and 49725 unused data and 4873292 deleted-data
      vcache Check Warning: Total 14658224, Should be: 14661632
      vcache Check Warning: Found 1445 deleted blocks Should be: 1444
      vcache Check Warning: Found 7807 parts Should be: 7815 parts
      vcache Check Error: Corrupt
      We do have access from web host to backups, but I would like the assistance of Vb to help with this. Not just on here but to look at this. This started when something we published something that went viral and our web host kept the board up and running, it's a managed server. Web host verified it was not a DDOS and what was attracting so much attention. So we need a plan and help to correct this please.We would like to talk with Vb about help to do this.

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        This of course was just an excerpt of the whole repair and optimize end report it displayed. This is just the vcache info excerpt. Overall the board was running fine and handling a few thousand online. But we were getting Vb database error messages every few minutes by email pointing out Vcache problem and we should try to repair table.. So we are not doing anything else and leaving the board offline until we Vb help. Not sure where I should call???


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          Repair and optimize from the AdminCP is unreliable.

          Repair should only be run if you're receiving database error emails that specifically state XXXX table has crashed and needs to be repaired. It isn't something that should be part of general maintenance. Before running this you should turn off your site to prevent people from trying to write to the database.

          Optimize is poorly named by MySQL and does nothing to optimize the performance of your database. Optimize will find records marked as deleted and free up the hard drive space they occupy. Nothing more. It should only be run if you have deleted a significant portion of your site's content.

          Both of these aren't as efficient as the command line tools. If possible, you should always use the command line tools. In fact, these AdminCP tools are so problematic with modern versions of MySQL that we have removed them from vBulletin 5.X. In order to resolve the errors being reported, you will need your hosting provider to run Repair from the command line of your MySQL server.

          Unless your table prefix is set to "v" in your /includes/config.php file, then that table isn't a vBulletin table. We would use the cache table with a default empty table prefix.
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            Thank you. I am in contact with vb support now.


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