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registrations come in even with "prevent anyone new from registering" is YES

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  • StevenAvery
    Thanks Mark B.


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  • Mark.B
    That option is actually called "Allow New User Registrations", so if you want to switch registration off, it should be set to "No".

    Allow New User Registrations
    If you would like to temporarily (or permanently) prevent anyone new from registering, you can do so. Anyone attempting to register will be told that you are not accepting new registrations at this time

    The bit you quoted is just part of the description, so you have the setting the wrong way round.

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  • registrations come in even with "prevent anyone new from registering" is YES

    Settings-->Options-->User Registration Options

    temporarily (or permanently) prevent anyone new from registering - YES

    Yet, I find groups of about five bogus users enrolling every day or so anyway.
    They occur in groups and are clearly spam.

    Right now I have posting turned off, except me as the admin.
    The forum is in a sense a blog.

    For now I have prevented the faux registrations by putting absurd numbers in the user name size field (eg.99 min and 99 max)

    Any idea about why the registrations roll over the supposed prevention?



    In general, I have found frustrations when I try to open up the forum, due to the spam problem.

    If I allow posts to go into the moderation queue for new members, I may end up with 150 in there, and the deletion seems to be slow.
    Do I need a plug-in? I could not find a quick mass delete method, it seemed to be a slow one-by-one with confirm method.

    Similarly deleting new members that are phony seems to be slow.

    I'll try to go into all this more in a bit.
    My main question is above, the astonishment that people could register when specifically prevented.


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