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  • Contact Us emails not sending

    This thread touches on the subject of the Contact Us function not sending emails to the webmaster while other email functions are working fine, but it turned out to be a typo in the contact us email address:

    I'm having the same problem, but no typo in the contact us email address. vBulletin 4.2.4, PHP 5.6.40.

    The system is pumping out emails just fine for the registration process, for subscriptions, for emailing threads to a friend, etc. so the SMTP settings under "Email Options" seem to be correct. I also ran the Email check under Maintenance > Diagnostics and it sends out the test email just fine.

    Under "Contact Details", the Contact Us Link is set to "sendmessage.php" and both Webmaster's Email and Contact Us Email are set to the same valid email address that's pumping out the registration emails.

    Any thoughts of how to get the contact us emails flowing?

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    Quick thought: have you checked to see if they are ending up in spam folders or being blocked by your server as spam?
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      Not in my spam folder.

      It doesn't look like any of the spam features on turned on on my server.


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        Can you ask your host to do a trace on the server rather than through vBulletin?

        Are you using any sort of captcha device on the contact form?
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        Specializing in Small Businesses and vBulletin/Xenforo Forums


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          I'm inquiring with my host.

          No, I'm not using captcha on the contact form.

          Is there a log in vBulletin that lists outgoing emails? I can't find one...which doesn't mean it's not there.

          When I try the form in a non-logged in state, one of the Human Verification questions is asked. When I try in a logged-in state, whether as admin or as a test user with registered user permissions, there's no HV question. Regardless of which login, I never receive the emails.

          While poking around, I remembered two other emails functions..."report this post" and "@ send email" to members willing to be contacted by email. Those two functions are also working fine.
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            Solved. Not a typo in the email address.

            It seems the email account is not receiving any incoming emails. I just moved to a new host, so I suspect the emails are stacking up on the old server for some reason, but whatever the cause it's not a vBulletin problem.

            What was confusing me was that I had configured this email address in Gmail using POP mail, and when I would send an email to this address using any of my other accounts, it immediately popped into my inbox, so I assumed it was working. But I suspect those emails never left Gmail, they just slammed them into my inbox.

            I didn't figure this out until logging into cPanel and using webmail to send an email to myself, and having my wife send an email to the address from her laptop. No incoming emails.

            Then I changed the Contact Us email address in vBulletin to a known working email address and contact emails were received.

            Turns out Contact Us emails were the only ones being sent to this problem email address. The other email functions like report a post are sending to the administrator email addresses, none of which were the same as the Contact Us email address.

            OK...two accusations against sendmessage.php, one in 2011 and one in 2019, and each times it proves the accuser wrong. Touché, vBulletin 4!
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