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Strangest problem with signatures not showing up

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  • [Forum] Strangest problem with signatures not showing up

    This one has me scratching my head. I've been testing for over an hour trying to get a handle on how this is behaving.

    So basically what I've found is this. There are two conditions to a post:

    1) A user posts when they currently have no signature.
    2) A user posts when they do have a signature.

    Given both of these cases, for the SAME user, I've observed:

    A) I can delete signature text and the signature will be removed for posts 1 and 2 (all posts, of course).
    B) I can then add a signature text and it will only be seen on post 2.
    C) Posts 1 will continue to show no signature.

    Clearing the signature cache seems to have no behavior, as posts 1 continue to show no signature while other posts such as 2 will always show the updated/current signature text.
    If I go back in their profile, update the signature and save, then I'll continue to observe some posts with no sig and some with.

    This is confusing users as they try to update their signature and see that it doesn't show up on any of their posts. I'm assuming this must be due to this behavior. Their old posts were originally posted with no signature, and so they remain as having none.

    Am I off here or is this the normal behavior?

    I've tested this with a test user, who uses the same usergroups as the other users. I've updated the signature on multiple users and observed the new signature not show up at all on their latest posts, it just remains gone.

    The obvious question is, can I update the signature and just make it apply to all their posts?

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    In vBulletin 4.X, each post has an option to show the signature. This option is disabled if the user doesn't have a signature when they create the post. To enable signatures on posts with this option disabled, you would have to edit the post and select the checkbox to show the signature.

    You can run this query to turn it on for all posts in your database:

    update post set showsignature=1;
    If you use a table prefix, you'll need to add that to post.

    If new users don't create a signature immediately, they will run into the same issue.
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